Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What's a Grecian urn?

Oh the old ones are the best....but there's a twist.

With the Greek economy in tatters, Europe, or more specifically Germany, bailing them out you'd expect gloom and doom to dominate. But not a bit of it, or to be more precise, not a lot.

We have spotted a few trends. Fisrtly there are lots of Germans here no doubt trying to work out where their money has gone and also trying to get some of it back, if not in Euros then in kind.

We also reckon that one of the least employable skills in Greece is accountancy. As far as we can detect no one keeps records, receipts are non-existent and credit cards are a figment of the imagination, they clearly do not exist - cash is king.

We were told by a Canadian investment banker that 48% of Greeks in work are employed by the state in one form or another. That leaves 52% supporting the 48% and if what we were told is true, and that is Greeks are as keen to pay taxes as is a sprat to lure a mackerel, then it's no surprise the Greek economy is in a mess. The black market thrives, those in work dodge paying taxes, and half the country works for the state.

No wonder they don't look quite so glum..... what's a Grecian earn? Who knows - certainly not the Greek taxman.

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