Saturday, 25 September 2010


Platerias is located at the end of a west-facing bay which provides some stunning sunsets. Our boat is thr fifth mast from the left - the small one. our next door neighbours are some jolly Russins with a 53 foot Beneteau - which they almost parked on the jetty in an unconventional moooring move.

The town was quiet, lots of tavernas and bars but most empty. It's the end of the season. It was here we incurred our only mooring fee in three weeks - 3 Euro, and another 3 Euro for water. You can't tie up in Cowes for an hour for that! Our plan now is to to head north towards Gouvia in preparation for our return. The destination will be dictated by the weather - as ever - but with storms in the forecast we may curtail our last day sailing and go straight for the berth.

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The Crew
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