Thursday, 20 August 2009

Unambiguous welcome to France.

20th. August - GRANVILLE

After several stunning days with clear blue skies and temperatures in the upper 20s today it's cloudy with a fresh F6 blowing. So, time to head in land.

We have taken to Granville - hardly any tourists and the marina has more of a harbour feel. The town has everything you'd want in terms of shops and all within a short stagger of the moorings. How long before the word spreads and it becomes overcrowded with yachts breasted five deep?

Rise of tide here is a dramatic 30 feet at Springs which means an almost mountain climb up the gangway when the tide's out. However, to compensate the rapid descent when retrurning to the boat after a snifter causes much amusement.

Starquest is a great home for our trip but lovely as she is she's too small for our 6-month liveabord. So the search is now on for something a little (well, a lot to be honest) bigger. There are several boats in the running and right now and it looks as if we'll be making a swift return to Southampton for the Boat Show to choose her successor.

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