Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Granville is a secret gem. Just north of Mont St. Michael it's a small provincial French town somwewhat off the tourist track and all the better for it. Popular with the locals it's beaches all but vanish under the tides which rise more than 30 feet at times. The marina, which feels more like a harbour, houses 1000 yachts but still manages to feel cosy and intimate despite its size. The boats are kept afloat in the marina by a sill which catches several feet of water before it all sloshes away twice a day. The picture shows the sill at the marina entrance and the vast area of uncovered sand beyond.

The local chamber of commerce provide free, fast WiFi which works very well and the marina staff are helpful and efficient.

Although Mont St. Michael is clearly visible to the south it is apparently rarely visited by yachts presumably because of the lack of a local harbour and the rate at which tides receed.

Our French was tested to its limits here as I had to return a duff mobile phone charger to the Orange shop. Amazing what you can do with a few words and gestures. All very Churchillian.


  1. Try Coutances (inland) and its pretty town and shops. The Landing beaches are good and so is Bayeux, but you'd need to hire a car. Enjoy the food (lots of pork, apple and cidre - but beware the Calvados!!)Normandy harbours won't fill up with boats - Normandy is the playground of the Parisiens who are earth-bound not water-borne.
    Bon voyage! Great to see you so well and having a good time. Tim and Irene x

  2. Granville is immortalised as the name of a teaching pack for youngsters learning French - why pick on Granville?

  3. Tim, Irene and Alas?

    Thanks for your comments. We didn't penertate Normandy - although the boat has a shallow draft she has yet to master the knack of floating on damp grass.

    Granville makes an ideal name for a kids' learning French course ... typical town unspoilt by tourism but welcoming to strangers. Amazing the things you learn as you travel.

    Thanks all for your comments.


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