Saturday, 30 April 2011

New Boat

You would not believe how difficult it is proving to spend money! We have travelled to Fleetwood, just north of Blackpool, to view a 41 foot cat. 'Has potential' as the brokerage ads put it. 'Needs a load of bloody work' I say.

We then went off to the Algarve to look at two hot contenders. These were relatively new boats - a year or so old. Boat 1, despite being so young, had the air of neglect about it. The 3-month old milk in the fridge didn't help. Boat 2, same model and same age, was tidier but somehow had the 'smell' of shoddy. The whole galley was coming away from the bulkhead - and this in a boat that's barely left the factory. Either the galley had moved (nasty) or was never installed correctly in the first place (worrying). So, we said a polite 'no thanks' to both and enjoyed the sun as a consolation prize.

Last Thursday we went to the Hamble to see a monohull (yes, I know - traitors and all that) and although this was a solid boat built using traditional skills and materials it looked kinda dated. Well, it was 20 years old so it had every right to look a bit sedate but Mrs. T. wants a 'shiny boat'.

We now have two more boats in our sights. A brand new 36 footer (she certainly qualifies as shiny) but she may also be a bit Ikea! Also there's a 10 year old Moody - but bigger than we have been considering but potentially interesting.

Our quest for a cat has been thwarted. They either leave a lot to be desired on build quality or if you opt for older and better build quality they look dated. Of course the answer is to have one built to spec. Discovery do a nice 50-footer, bit it would empty our pockets and some!

Time is running out. The season is now underway and at this rate we'll get a boat just in time to haul her out of the water for the winter.

Maybe we should explore golf, or bowls, or ping pong. Not sure Pringle jumpers are me, don't feel quite ready to don white shirt and trousers and sup cups of tea with Derby and Joan and ping pong is far too fast.

OK, pass Yachting Monthly and let's have another look through the ads. There must be a boat somewhere with our name on it.

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