Tuesday, 17 August 2010

St. Malo to Bordeaux

The deck seating arrangements lend a new meaning to 'armchair sailor'.

Here we are not long out of St. Malo as we head along the north Brittany coast aiming for Bordeaux... a mere 450 miles away to deliver Steve's Contest 29.

We always knew the run along this coast would be a slog - largish seas, head winds and tides which even Noah would have struggled with.

We were encouraged by the thought that once 'round the corner' the sun would shine, the winds would turn in our favour and it would be downhill from then on.

We fought our way along the coast, tackled the awesome Chenal du Four and headed for Cameret...with arguably the best seafood on the planet. The sun did appear once 'round the corner' but not for long.

The fog stayed with us for two days which meant straining eyes and ears as we sailed from Cameret to Ile d’Yeu via Belle Ile.

Belle Ile it may well have been if we could have seen it.

The area is not much used by shipping and the ferries ply between the islands and the mainland so we were not in an area of high traffic but there was always the risk of encountering a fishing boat or another yacht. In two days we saw one other sailing yacht and thought we heard the engines of another two boats.

We were so pleased when the fog decided to go.

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