Friday, 2 July 2010

Spilia Bay and Palerios

Shopping for provisions consumes a surprising amount of time.

Thursday 3rd. June

Jo paid one last visit to the supermarket (just can’t keep her out of the shops) and we were off. After the trauma of Kioni we were rather pleased with our efforts to spring off the jetty.

A Force 3 SW wind had us making good progress to Meganisi and our favourite bay and taverna with Jerry and Steve in Spilia Bay. We got in around 2pm after a pretty good sail only having to stir the donkey for a brief spell when we lost the wind.

Jerry was there to take our lines and within ten minutes we were sitting on the water’s edge drinking a beer. There’s a table booked for tonight and I’m crossing my fingers that there’s WiFi.

Tomorrow we plan to sail to the Greek mainland, to Palarios, a run of around 12 miles. Oh dear, we are now heading back to base, the halfway point has been reached.

Friday 4th. June

After a quiet night at our favourite spot we emerged gradually into the sun having shared a glass or two more wine than is sensible with Sandra, Pete and Anthony last night – they are here from Manchester.

We slipped the mooring and headed off. The forecast is for SW winds F3, not ideal as we are headed NE, but what do the forecasters know? The winds were SE F3, giving us a nice reach. We trotted along at 5 knots and within two hours we were approaching Palerios.

It’s a small town, maybe village is a better description, with a small harbour. Sadly Palerios is full. There are two boats at anchor just outside the harbour and we make it three. I’m writing this still at anchor. The British boat ahead of us in the queue has now found a spot while the German has given up and moved on. If a slot becomes free we’ll grab it but what’s more likely is that we’ll lie to anchor tonight.

The big decision is whether to go into the town, by far the biggest we’ve seen in days. The boat looks safe enough so we may well venture ashore. If nothing else I may find a WiFi point and be once again united with the rest of the world.

Some time later.

We didn’t go ashore and instead cooked on board and so the delights of the Palarios tavernas remain a mystery.

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