Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sunday 30th. May 2010

We left the bay and motored all of 2 miles to Vathi, a somewhat larger bay but still with an essential Greek village feel. A small fishing fleet gives the harbour an authentic atmosphere but the blight of the Ionian, flotillas, detract from its charm. We are currently moored next to some merry Dutchmen, Sunny Sailing is the name of the flotilla company, and they practice coming stern-to right next to us with VHF radios blaring instructions.

We were paid a visit by Chris and Sue who are anchored in the next bay. They too are CA members and we had an interesting chat comparing experiences. They sailed their boat from the UK going via Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Malta. That’s serious cruising.

Sunday evening we went to the Rose Garden, the teverna of choice of sailors and had a pleasant meal. We met up with Gill and Tony who are out here for several weeks on their own boat. He used to run a flotilla company – we had to remember that when commenting on the Dutch ‘ducklings’.

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The Crew
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