Friday, 11 September 2009


We have learnt many things since we left our Gosport mooring and the most important is that you can virtually guarantee that wherever you want to sail that's where the wind will be blowing from. Almost without exception we've been kept in port by heads winds. We waited in Weymouth for almost a fortnight for the gale force SW'lys to abate and veer. Our passage from the Channel Iaslands to Brittany was equally delayed by the 'wrong sort of wind' and now here we are sitting in Guernsey being buffeted by F6-7 NE'ly winds. The one thing we thought we could be pretty sure of was a W or SW'ly to get us home but oh no, it does not work like that. We had fog two days ago which, according to the harbour office, was "like a pea-sopuper' on the other side of the island. It swirled around the St. Peter Port side as Herm and Sark went in and out of view. The fog went and then the NE'ly wind arrived...and arrive it did with a vengence. The Little Russell looked like a white frothy torrent as the wind over tide whipped up a right old mess. The forecast, no matter which one you read, predicts even more gloom. SE, F5-7 for the next five days at least. Not only is this annoying but it is also frustrating because we are keen to get to the Southampton Boat Show as there are some new boats we'd really like to see. We've even considered a rather long haul to Devon and then a series of hops along the coast but one of those 'hops' is across Poole Bay which in itself is about the same length as the Channel crossing.
The small crum of comfort is that we are not alone. Here in St. Peter Port marina there is a small flotilla of boats waiting for the weather window to open so we can make a dash for the UK. Although we may be here by press of weather it is creating a certain spirit among the fleet. All in the same boat, so to speak.
Oh well, Southampton Boat Show has only just opened, even if wwe don't make it the new boats will still be viewable after the show and in the meantime we'd better prepare for another sociable (alcoholic) evening.

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