Sunday, 21 June 2009

One Week to Go

One week to go and still lots to do.

The radar/chart plotter display at the chart table has died, the main VHF radio is operating at reduced range and the doors to the engine bay are in the garden shed.

However, looking on the bright side the fridge works brilliantly, the rigging sings and the new Zodiac inflatable is a joy. Added to which this Essex girl is having her bottom scrubbed and polished in a week.

Memo to Met. Office: Southerly Force 4 in a week please.

Trevor & Jo


  1. Good luck! Looking forward to the next instalment of the adventure!

  2. Jo,you'll have to watch your step in France because as we know all the nice girls love a sailor...

    Au revoir matelots and bon voyage!

    Terry, Claude and both cats.

  3. Jo, Do you want us to make a platform for you to stand on so you can see what you're doing!? (Photo of you "At Sea")

    Hope all goes well, maybe we should come and wave you off?



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The Crew
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